Aquaman: Mera cosplay by Kate Smirnova

First seen in 2017's Justice League as the best defense of the Mother Box on the outskirts of Atlantis against the powerful Apokoliptian warlord Steppenwolf, Mera will be making her return as the Atlantean prin...

The Incredibles 2: Violet cosplay by Raella

22-year-old cosplayer Raella looks so much like the invisibility-wielding, force-field projecting Violet Parr from The Incredibles 2 that we feel lucky we were able to lock down the following photoset while she...

The Incredibles 2: Violet cosplay by Nichameleon

Although this is technically a bodypaint by Aussie cosplayer Nichameleon -- we aren't complaining. And we imagine you won't be either.

Star Wars: Slave Leia cosplay by Danielle Pavluk

The Force is most definitely with cosplayer Danielle Pavluk, who pays homage to Carrie Fisher's iconic beach shoot in her Slave Leia metal bikini in the following set: