Ahri, the League of Legends mage who can reshape magic into orbs of raw energy is also the lead singer for K/DA, a pop-star group from an alternate future. She’s brought to life here by cosplayer Sawaka in rockstar fashion.

From her official League of Legends K/DA bio:

After rising to fame as a Ahri PopstarCircle teenage pop star, Ahri tossed aside her girly and young look to reveal her new self: a high fashion, elegant, and stunning celebrity. Ahriโ€™s sleek new look attracts top fashion designers. During fashion week, Ahri graces runways around the world in finale gowns. She is the face of FOXY cosmetics and launched her own fragrance, Charmed last year. When she isnโ€™t with K/DA or training, Ahri is shopping, drinking tea with designers, and testing out new beauty products.

Eight facts about K/DA Ahri:

  • Ahri is the leader and lead singer of K/DA.
  • She was labeled the most talented new Kpop artist in the 2013 Pop Shine Awards.
  • After releasing five singles she spent time away from the industry to reinvent herself.
  • Ahri is a muse for multiple clothing lines. Designers canโ€™t stop making outfits for her.
  • Her Chinese zodiac sign is a Dog.
  • She prefers shopping over working out.
  • She has known Evelynn of K/DA for many years.
  • Ahri was voted one of the most beautiful faces in Pop.

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