Shanna, the She-Devil, resident of the Savage Land, a hidden prehistoric land in the Marvel Universe, comes to life and fits her leopard bikini very well courtesy of the genetically gifted model Lindsey Pelas in the following photoset:

Shanna is like the female version of Tarzan in the Savage Land. She has heightened physical abilities, agility, hunting and gathering skills, attunement with nature and the wild animals of the Savage Land, as well as veterinarian knowledge to boot. She’s also an excellent hunter, gatherer, fighter, and adept with knives, bows and arrows, spears and other weapons of man-made nature.

According to her Wikipedia entry:

After her resurrection, Shanna is tied into the life force of the Savage Land. She also instinctively knows the languages and history of the Savage Land and its people. Shanna also now possesses the strength of ten men. She was able to run 52 miles per hour over uneven terrain.

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