“Living under defeat is humilating. It’s suitable for you.”

Mai Shiranui is perhaps the most iconic character from the SNK Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series and cosplayer Maru accurately and amply brings the bouncy, super-powered Shiranui-ryuu ninja to life in the following photoset.

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According to the SNK Wiki:

Due to Mai’s vast popularity among fans; she has been in most promotional art, game art, themes, and merchandise out of any character making her the female mascot and sex symbol of SNK. Mai was rated #4 in GameSpy.com’s “Top Ten Babes in Games” feature and #5 in Game Informer’s “Top Ten Hottest Girls of the 16-Bit era.” Along with the many figures and merchandise that have been made in her image, she has made an outside game appearance in the spin off series Queens Gate. Her great reputation has also influenced other female fighters in other fighting games, mainly Dead or Alive in which Mai herself makes an appearance in the fifth installment and, soon, in the sixth installlment.

Check out this video which showcases the evolution of Mai Shiranui throughout the SNK fighting games from 1992 to 2016:

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