Cosplayer/make-up artist/gamer/model/graphic designer and Dachshund lover (how’s that for a list of talents) Andrasta has long been on our radar for her impressive cosplay work and with this featured collection, we finally give her her long due spotlight. The following are some of our favorite cosplays from her IG:

Videl (Dragon Ball)



Triss Merigold (The Witcher)



K/DA Akali (League of Legends)



Katarina (League of Legends)




Harley Quinn






Mystique (X-Men)



Debbie Thornberry



Morrigan (Dragon Age)

Mantis (Guardians of the Galaxy)



Storm (X-Men)



Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)



Jinx (League of Legends)



Lindsay (Total Drama Island)



Kasumi (Dead or Alive)



Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)



Jessie (Pokemon)



Blood Elf (World of Warcraft)



Black Cat (Spider-Man)

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In memory of Stan Lee 😢😢😢

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