“I first battled the Metroids on planet Zebes. It was there that I foiled the plans of the Space Pirate leader, Mother Brain, to use the creatures to attack galactic civilization… I next fought the Metroids on their homeworld, SR388. I completely eradicated them, except for a larva which, after hatching, followed me like a confused child… I personally delivered it to the galactic research station at Ceres so scientists could study it’s energy-producing qualities… The scientists findings were astounding! They discovered that the powers of the Metroid might be harnessed for the good of civilization! Satisfied that all was well, I left the station to seek a new bounty to hunt. But, I had hardly gone beyond the asteroid belt when I picked up a distress signal! Ceres station was under attack!!”

Cosplayer Hendo Art (who recently wowed us with her PS4 Spider-Man Black Cat cosplay) looks ready to do battle in her fully-operational Power Suit and save the galaxy from Space Pirates and Metroids alike in the following photoset:

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🌟🌟Super excited to announce that Samus's Varia Suit is officially done and I'm shooting it with @HyperX TODAY, check their story!🌟🌟 I've also entered it into the #TwitchCosplayContest (link in bio)! A vote for me would be amazing, and you should check out all the other entries too!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 This isn't the full suit, but I've always wanted to see a zero suit & armor combo! You can check out HyperX's insta-story for some sneak peeks, and catch the full costume with bts in their video out in 2 weeks! 💙💛💙💛 (📷: @NerdyPictures) #Samus #HyperX #VariaSuit #ZeroSuit #Metroid #VideoGames #Gamer #Cosplay #Cosplayer #CosplayGirl #Armor #EVAfoam #Worbla"

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