“No! I will not give in and I won’t be swayed! I am the “Fourteenth of the Hill”! I am not a little frightened girl from a dark Maribor Tower anymore…”

Cosplayer Christina Fink AKA Kalinka Fox captures the elegance, deadliness and capriciousness of the legendary Temerian sorceress from The Witcher games, Triss Merigold, in the following photoset. From the hair color to the texture of her robes, Kalinka has this costume on lock:

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Sleep with Triss and tell Yennefer you lost your memory😏 photo @milliganvick ❤️ necklace @yarilostore Triss is my cursed cosplay – for different reasons I can't finish her costume for years! First, the tailor disappeared. Then another tailor took my money and in the next year (!!!) gave me a terrible cosplay. the costume was so bad and I threw it away! because it could not be fixed, just waste of fabric. You can see it on the picture, different parts just taped to me, all costume was photoshoped af 😂 Now I make another cosplay with other tailor – from september 2017 (!!!). But for different reasons it is not started (just pants), don't ask me what's wrong with my life 😂 now I ordered 4th cosplay, I hope it will be the last one because I just hate Triss now))) You can always support my suffering with cosplay on my Patreon page, link in bio! I will be so gratefull!❤️

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