Alyson Tabbitha and Overwatch‘s Widowmaker, the subject of her unnervingly amazing cosplay talents in the following gallery are a lot alike. According to the official Overwatch website, Widowmaker “equips herself with whatever it takes to eliminate her targets,” and although Alyson Tabbitha isn’t murdering anyone (that we know of), she too equips herself with whatever it takes to make herself look like the spitting image of her cosplay targets. Case in point:

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Cosplay/makeup made & worn by me! @AlysonTabbitha Photo by: @davidlovephotog Gun prop designed and 3D printed by: @fntsmn ! Sorry for lack of post guys! I'm busy finishing up with moving! My new place has much more creative space and freedom than before so I plan to pump out more content and cosplay tutorials soon!! And although I'm super excited for all the new projects planned for this year (2017), my highlight project of 2016 was definitely Widowmaker! ^_^ I also just want to give a huge shoutout to @cosplayfabrics for their beautiful 4-Way Ultrapreme, and carbon fiber Fabric from the @yayahan line available at @joann_stores ! It was so amazing to work with for this costume and holds up so well through all the wear I put it through! I hope to replace the purple fabric with something from in the future so I can be fully happy with this costume & quality! You can tell their fabrics were made with cosplayers in mind, and many other fabrics I've worked with just don't compare! <3 #widowmakercosplay #blizzardcosplay #widowmaker #overwatchcosplay #overwatch #blizzard #cosplay #cosplayfabrics

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