Cosplayer naaiiled_it looks ready to web-sling, crime-fight and protect New York City from mob bosses and supervillains alike with this ahem, amazingly accurate rendition of the costume from PS4’s Spider-Man:

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For so long I've looked up to heroes. I've always held their abilities to raise above their circumstances and be better in the highest of regards. Its all I ever wanted. The ability to stand against all odds not for myself, but for others. Being strong enough to help and kind enough to care. Those are things that I feel are written in my core. I have this deep seated desire to be someone who is strong enough for everyone. I grew up being told I had leadership skills. That I was capable of great things. There was always belief in me, coming from others. All of that should add up to create something wonderful, right? So many days I don't feel like it does. I feel like no matter how badly I wanna do things right they end up wrong. That despite that fire I have inside telling me to be strong there is a weight I can't lift. Then the failure turns all that belief that was spoken into me to disappointment. Saying I let everyone down. It is devastating. However I have to tell myself that the best stories have the biggest challenges. That heroes arent born They're forged. This is only the beginning, and while things get tougher you get stronger. One day i'll be the person I want to be, the person people believe I can be. Inch by painstaking inch I'll get there. I believe you can too. I used to do these "real talk" posts more often and I miss them. It helps to wite things out and I hope it helps you too. Even if our situations arent the same I believe that everyone has a fire in them that burns for something. I believe that everyone has a story that is only beginning. I believe that everyone can get where they want to be inch by inch. I believe everyone can make it thru the pain. I want to help people. A lot of the time I feel like I can't, but I hope that letting these thoughts out, showing the cracks in the armor might help. I want to do more and ill figure out how to, but for now I hope this is enough. Thank you for letting me vent a little bit at 3am. (Some days are worse than others so if I ever seem more distant/ less responsive its just a hard day and nothing personal. I appreciate the space and understanding🙏)

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