Which subtitle will follow The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi in the Star Wars sequel trilogy naming sequence? Good news for Adam Driver fans; according to a source from Express, the ninth episode of Star Wars will be the most Kylo Ren-centric film yet.

“JJ Abrams has been going through some rewrites and some script rewrites,” the source revealed. “Titles were suggested for Episode 9. One of these, and take it with a pinch of salt, was Star Wars: Order of Ren. This is something being taken about now, it’s a huge rumor about JJ Abrams and the shift with the script and adjustments… There has been lots of talk that the movie will either be called Order of Ren or was going to be called Order of Ren.”

Although it’s still unsure what Star Wars: Episode IX‘s final working title will be, the preliminary leanings toward a Ren-centric name seem to suggest Kylo Ren will play an even bigger part than we previously thought in JJ’s final chapter of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.