“A meteor has fallen in Tristram, and the dead have risen in its wake. I will send them back to their graves. Once, I was hunted. Now…I am the hunter.”

Cosplayer Irine Meier looks ready to dual-wield crossbows, unleash her Hatred and send the demoniac fiends of the Diablo universe back to the Burning Hells from whence they came (and look good doing it) in the following photoset:

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The best cosplay video I’ve ever made 😂 thanks my sheikh friend @fakearabmoneyboy and my dear @fokken__greed for it! Check her page, she makes amazing photos and videos ❤️ Благодарю всех за прекрасный #ComicConRussia и #игромир ! Спасибо за все ваши фотографии, приобретённые постеры и приятные слова! Я вас очень очень люблю! Надеюсь, что смогу посещать больше ивентов в России ❤️ #cosplay #nintendoswitch #nintendo #diablo #diablo3 #играйподругому #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #videocosplay #sheikh #demonhunter #russia

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