Yeah, we know — [insert “when a cosplayer does it better than the professional Titans design team did it,” comment here.] But that isn’t exactly saying much — and we don’t want to detract from the amazing job Canadian cosplayer Bec of Hearts did putting this Starfire cosplay together. So let’s just enjoy Bec of Heart’s wonderful Starfire cosplay and not make comparisons, capisce?

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Rant incoming Fact: the actor they got to play starfire is beautiful but the wig they put her in is not. . Im honestly so happy to see starfire being played by a black woman, it warms my heart in more ways then one and Anna Diop is super talented but I do feel like the costume/hair department really messed up and not just on starfire to be honest but I won't get into that. I'm just really tired of seeing people complain about starfire being black and on top of that I've seen many people use my image (with no credit) to say starfire should be played by someone who's white or Latina, conveniently ignoring that I am also a black woman??? When you're covered in orange body paint it doesn't really matter what colour u were to begin with anyway??? Rant over e-e Photo by @timbermingham . . . #starfirecosplay #starfire #teentitans #teentitanscosplay #nightwing #blackcosplay #dickgrayson #sexycosplay #cosplay #worblaarmor #cosplaygirl #cosplaybabe #cosplayingwhileblack #worbla #robstar #nigtwingcosplay #poccosplay #womenofcosplay #womenofcomics

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