For the past several years, San Diego Comic-Con International and Salt Lake Comic Con have been embroiled in a legal battle over two simple words: “comic con.” Though there are dozens of nerd gatherings across the country that are colloquially called “comic con,” SDCC has become extremely protective of those two words, which manifested itself in a lawsuit against the Salt Lake City, Utah incarnation.

On August 24, San Diego Comic-Con International won a judge ruling that prohibits other companies from using the words “comic con,” and was awarded $20,000 in damages. The Deadline report on the story notes, “The San Diego organization noted its non-profit status since being formed in 1975 and its history of hosting comic-book conventions since 1970.”

What this means for New York Comic Con, largely regarded as the second biggest comic book convention in the US behind San Diego, is unknown, but New York Comic Con begins in early October.